Further Reading

The following is a list of various sources (primary, secondary and websites) used in the creation of these articles.

1916 Rising

The Rising has been extensively written about; try the National Library of Ireland’s bibliography for a good starting point.


The Rising  Ireland: Easter 1916, by Fearghall McGarry (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Vivid Faces: The Revolutionary Generation in Ireland, 1890-1923, by Roy Foster (Allen Lane, 2014)

The Bureau of Military History Witness Statements cover the 1916 Rising, the War of Independence and have a number which cover the Irish Civil War.

Field of Fire: The Battle of Ashbourne, 1916 (1916 in Focus Series). Paul O’Brien. New Island Books , 2012.


Jacob’s Biscuit Factory http://www.nli.ie/1916/pdf/7.8.pdf

The Irish Volunteers 1913- 1915 Recollections and Documents. F.X Martin, Ruán O’Donnell, Mícheái Ó hAodha (Editors), Merrion, 2013

Irish Volunteer Soldier 1913-23. Brendan O’Shea & Gerry White, Osprey, 2003

From Behind a Closed Door; Secret Court martial Records of the 1916 Rising. Brian Barton. The Blackstaff Press, 2002.


1916 in the de Valera papers

Hollywood Hussar. John Loder. Howard Baker Press, 1977

Sean O’Mahony’s  Frongoch: University of Revolution (FDR Teoranta, 1987)  and

Lyn Ebeneezer’s Frongoch Camp 1916 and the Birth of the IRA (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2012)

‘Self respect and a little extra leave’: G.P.O. staff in 1916, by Stephen Ferguson (An Post, 2005)

The GPO and the Easter Rising, by Keith Jeffry (Irish Academic Press, 2006)

The Easter Rising in Galway, by Fergus Campbell (History Ireland, March / April 2006, Volume 14, Issue 2)

Making 1916: material and visual culture of the Easter Rising, edited by Lisa Godson and Joanna Bruck, Liverpool University Press, 2015.

The Children of the 1916 Rising
For an overview of all 38 children who died in Dublin in the 1916 Rising –


Irish War of Independence

Harry Boland’s Irish Revolution. David Fitzpatrick. Cork University Press, 2004


The Irish War of Independence. Michael Hopkinson. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2004

The Green Flag: The Turbulent History of the Irish National Movement. Robert Kee. Delacorte Press, 1972

United States Foreign Policy and Ireland: From Empire to Independence, 1913-29. Bernadette Whelan. Four Courts Press, 2006

From Public Defiance to Guerrilla Warfare : the Experience of Ordinary Volunteers in the Irish War of Independence, 1916-1921, by Joost Augusteijn, Irish Academic Press,1996

Prisoners of War: Ballykinlar Internment Camp 19250-1921, by Liam J. Ó Duibhir (Mercier Press, 2013).

For the full account of Colonel Joseph Lawless’ part in the fight for Irish independence, see his statement to the Bureau of Military History (W.S. 1043) here –  http://www.bureauofmilitaryhistory.ie/reels/bmh/BMH.WS1043.pdf#page=2

Joseph Furlong –  http://www.bureauofmilitaryhistory.ie/reels/bmh/BMH.WS0335.pdf

Patrick McHugh – http://www.bureauofmilitaryhistory.ie/reels/bmh/BMH.WS0664.pdf

Michael Lynch – http://www.bureauofmilitaryhistory.ie/reels/bmh/BMH.WS0511.pdf#page=45

The Irish Civil War

Green Against Green: The Irish Civil War. Michael Hopkinson. Gill & Macmillan

The Singing Flame: A Memoir of the Civil War, 1922-24. Ernie O’Malley.

The Irish Civil War. Tim Pat Coogan & George Morrison. Seven Dials. (great pictorial history)

The Troubles / Northern Ireland

Qaddafi, terrorism, and the origins of the U.S. attack on Libya. Brian Lee Davis. Praeger, 1990

Out of the Ashes, Robert W. White. Merrion Press, 2017.

Bombs, Bullets and the Border: Policing Ireland’s Frontier: Irish Security Police, 1969-1978.  Patrick Mulroe.  Irish Academic Press, 2017.

Unapproved Routes: Histories of the Irish Border, 1922-1972.   Peter Leary.  OUP Oxford, 2016.

The Claudia Arms Smuggling, 1973. http://ringcowaterford.blogspot.ie/2009/05/claudia-affair.html

Murals of Northern Ireland; Life in Belfast as represented on its walls – Murals, Graffiti, Street Art.   https://extramuralactivity.com https://petermoloneycollection.wordpress.com/category/organisations/ira/page/9/

Irish History – general histories

The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000, by Diarmaid Ferriter. Profile Books, 2005

The Course of Irish History, 5th Edition. T.W. Moody, F.X. Martin, Dermot Keogh, Patrick Kiely. Rinehart, Roberts Publishers, Inc., 2012.


Arthur Griffith (Irish Lives), by Calton Younger. Gill & MacMillan, 1981

Michael Davitt, Freelance radical and frondeur. Laurence Marley. Four Courts Press, 2007.

Harry Boland’s Irish Revolution. David Fitzpatrick. Cork University Press, 2004

Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution. C. Desmond Greaves. Lawrence & Wishart Ltd, 2004

16Lives Series. The O’Brien Press, 2013ff

Irish Women, Nationalism and the Fight for Independence

No Ordinary Women; Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years 1900-1923. Sinéad McCoole. O’Brien Press, 2003

Renegades: Irish Republican Women 1900-1922. Ann Matthews. Mercier Press, 2011

Dissidents: Irish Republican Women 1923-1941. Ann Matthews. Mercier Press, 2012

Unmanageable Revolutionaries: Women and Irish Nationalism. Margaret Ward. Pluto Press, 1995

Cumann Na mBan and the Irish Revolution. Cal McCarthy. Collins Press, 2006

In Their Own Voice: Women and Irish Nationalism. Margaret Ward. Attic Press, 2001

Irish Women and Nationalism: Soldiers, New Women and Wicked Hags. Louise Ryan and Margaret Ward. Irish Academic Press, 2004

When History Was Made: The Women of 1916. Ruth Taillon. Beyond Pale Publications, 1999

The Land Wars and Evictions

National Library of Ireland – Notice to Quit Exhibition

The Coolgreany Evictions 1887. Peggy Doyle. 1986.

Irish Family History Vol 3. Kathleen Merryweather. 2013.

Michael Davitt, Freelance radical and frondeur. Laurence Marley. Four Courts Press, 2007.

The Fall Of Feudalism In Ireland: Or The Story Of The Land League Revolution (1904). Micheal Davitt. Irish University Press, 1970.

The Great Famine

The Famine Decade – Contemporary Accounts 1841 – 1851. John Killen (Ed.). The Black Staff Press, 1995

The Irish Famine. Colin Toibin & Diarmuid Ferriter. Profile Books, 1999.

Atlas of the Great Irish Famine. John Crowley, William J Smyth, Mike Murphy. Cork University Press, 2012

The Great Irish Famine (New Studies in Economic and Social History). Cormac Ó Gráda. Cambridge University Press, 1995

The Great Irish Famine (Thomas Davis Lecture Series). Cathal Poirteir (Ed.), Mercier Press, 1995

The Famine Plot. Tim Pat Coogan. Palgrave MacMillan, 2012.

The Curse of Reason: The Great Irish Famine. Enda Delaney. Gill & Macmillan, 2012


The Famine in Dungarvan – http://www.waterfordmuseum.ie/exhibit/web/WAIVersion/article/85/?lang=en

Portlaw, Co. Waterford – http://www.waterfordmuseum.ie/exhibit/web/Display/article/139/

Irish National Identity

Our Own Devices. Ewan Morris. Irish Academic Press, 2005

Inventing the Nation. R.V. Comerford. Hodder Arnold, 2003

Images, Icons and the Irish Nationalist Imagination. Lawrence W. McBride (ed.). Four Courts Press, 1999

Kilmainham Gaol

Every Dark Hour – A History of Kilmainham Gaol. Niamh O’Sullivan. Liberties Press, 2007.

A History of Kilmainham Gaol, 1796 – 1924. Pat Cooke. Office of Public Works, 1995.

A History of Kilmainham Gaol: The Dismal House of Little Ease. Frieda Kelly. Mercier Press, 1997.

The Bastille of Ireland: Kilmainham Gaol, A History of the Restoration. Rory O”Dwyer. The History Press, 2010.



World War I

Battlebags: British Airships of the First World War, an Illustrated History. Ces Mowthorpe, Sutton Pub Ltd

Ireland and the Great War. Keith Jeffery. Cambridge University Press, 2000

Orange, Green and Khaki: the Story of the Irish Regiments in the Great War, 1914-18.  Tom Johnstone. Gill and Macmillan, 1992

The Road to the Somme: Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story.  Philip Orr. Blackstaff Press, 1987

Ireland’s Unknown Soldiers: the 16th (Irish) Division in the Great War Terence Denman. Irish Academic Press, 1992

Politics and Irish Life. David Fitzpatrick. Gill and Macmillan, 1977

They Shall Grow Not Old. Irish Soldiers and the Great War. Myles Dungan. Gill and Macmillan, 1997

Irish Voices from the Great War.  Myles Dungan. Gill and Macmillan, 1995. Republished 2014.

Ireland and the Great War: “A War to Unite Us All?.  Adrian Gregory (ed.), Senia Paseta (ed.). Manchester University Press, 2002

There are also many books detailing the stories of the men of the counties of Ireland who fought in the war.

Guides to Public Records in Ireland

National Archives of Ireland



Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Directory of Irish Archives. Seamus Helferty & Raymond Refausse. Four Courts Press.

A Guide to Irish Military Heritage. Brian Hanley. Maynooth Research Guides for Irish Local History. Four Courts Press.

Guide to the Archives of the Office of Public Works. Rena Lohan. OPW.

Irish Governments and the Guardianship of Historical Records 1922-72. Gerard O’Brien. Four Courts Press.

Cricket in Ireland

The history of cricket in County Kilkenny : the forgotten game. Michael O’Dwyer. O’Dwyer Books: Kilkenny, 2006.

Green Days : cricket In Ireland 1792-2005. Gerard Siggins. Nonsuch Publishing: Stroud, 2005.


‘Classless Cricket?’. Tom Hunt. History Ireland, Volume 12, Issue 2.  http://www.historyireland.com//volumes/volume12/issue2/features/?id=304

© Brenda Malone. This work is original to the author and requires citation when used to ensure readers can trace the source of the information and to avoid plagiarism.


Sources and general reading used in the creation of these articles are listed on the Further Reading page.

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